Guns Are the Solution to Voter Fraud!

Fri, Aug 31, 2012

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Guns Are the Solution to Voter Fraud!

So one of the biggest issues that plagues our country these days is voter fraud.  And if you don’t believe me, just look at who is in office, just look at him.  Would a Christian country honestly vote someone like that into office?  I don’t think so.  It’s pretty obvious that fake votes are the reason we keep getting Muslim communists in every seat in the white house!  Finally, the good people of Florida have teamed up with the National Rifle Association to end this madness.

In the great state of Florida, they will be passing a law that allows proud American gun owners to defend the polls properly, as Jesus intended in the Second Amendment.  Check out this petition:  Protect The Polls This would give people the right to shoot people who commit voter fraud.  This is one of the most intelligent laws I’ve ever seen because it addresses more problems than it appears to on the surface.

First, and most obvious, it stops people from voting who shouldn’t be voting.  We all know who those people are.  They aren’t real Americans, even though the libtards will say that isn’t “politically correct”.  But in our hearts we know who really belongs in America.  If those people don’t vote, then we don’t get funny named Muslims in office.

Second, if “those” people try to go out and vote, then real patriots have every right to shoot them on the spot for trying to sway the election towards someone who shouldn’t be in office.  By shooting people like that, we eliminate people that are a burden on society.  As we know most  minority liberal voters, who are more likely to commit fraud, are often asking for government handouts.  If they are no longer around, then we don’t have to tax everyone so dang much.  And there will be more money for true Americans like myself to receive from a Christian government.

Lastly, it will encourage people who don’t own guns to go out and buy them.  It’s everyone’s right to own a gun, just like it says in the second amendment, to defend ourselves from foreigners and other religions and communism.  If we have more guns, then Obama and his cronies can’t push us around as easily.

If this law passes, which it will unless Obama gets involved, I won’t have to worry about encouraging my friends and my kids to vote multiple times to counteract all those fake liberal votes.  So go out and sign that petition for Jesus and America!

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  1. Shawn Says:

    You do realize there their is less than .0004 vote fraud going on in the country… I think I have have to report you to the government as a potential american terrorist.

    How well did america do under that wanna-be christian Bush?


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