Obama, You’re Attacking The Wrong Country! The Libyans Gave Plutonium to Doc Brown, They Are Good!

Thu, Mar 24, 2011

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Obama, You’re Attacking The Wrong Country!  The Libyans Gave Plutonium to Doc Brown, They Are Good!

Just when you think Obama and his socialist comrades might be doing something smart, you realize they are liberal, and that’s just not possible.  Good moral Christian Americans have been urging our current president to show our freedom and power by using military action against our enemies.  Heck, he’s been in office about three years and he hasn’t shot anyone new yet.  Why?  Because of socialism!  How can we be number one at freedom if we aren’t proving that with our guns and bombs?  So when I heard he was finally sending out new troops I was excited.  My children and I prayed to God that Obama finally had seen the light and was going to destroy our enemies.  Then I found out who he was planning on attacking and had to shake my head.  Typically liberal, even screwing up shooting people!  He’s attacking the wrong country.  He is supposed to be killing China or Muslims, not some unknown (or possibly fictional) place called Libya!  He should be dropping atomic bombs on Tokyo or Arabia!


Look how fast cars go with Libyan plutonium! Why does Obama hate America?

Sometimes I think the president is just trying to mess with us all.  Why would you want to attack a country that isn’t directly taking American jobs or forcing Americans to become non-Christian?  It doesn’t make any sense.  He should be focusing efforts on using the military to shoot border jumpers, blow up Chinese imported electronics or bomb gay pride parades.  Instead he launches an attack on a place that no one has heard of outside of the movie “Back To The Future”.  The Libyans where the only ones nice enough to give plutonium to Doc.  If America weren’t so socialist and bent on restrictions, Doc would have been able to buy that plutonium at the corner drugstore.  Even today you can’t get plutonium anywhere, because of Obama and communism!  Heck, the Libyans sound like good businessmen and forward thinkers.  If we weren’t shooting at them, maybe we could use their plutonium factories and build our own flux capacitors and go back to 1955, when things were much better for true Americans.  But that probably won’t happen, at least not with Obama in office.

My best guess is that Libya must have something Obama and the other Socialists want, that’s why they are attacking.  Liberals are sneaky, so the only reason they would attack someone is to steal something.  Unlike our last president, who launched an attack because of freedom. But what do socialists want?  Does Libya have marijuana?  Or maybe lots of gays?  “organic” good?  Gun restrictions?  We will never know, because the liberals control the media, so we only hear what they want anyway.

Luckily, we only have one more year of this madness before Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol end up moving into the White House and taking over.  Hopefully, she will know how to undo this mess Obama has created.  My children and I think of the days to come, filled with love and freedom.  This country will be so brimming with freedom that gays won’t be able to be gay in public ever again, and Muslims will have to move back to Arabia. And we’ll all see each other in church every Sunday morning.  That’s what America is about!


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