Child Suspended For Finger Gun! Why Obama?

Mon, Jan 24, 2011

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Child Suspended For Finger Gun!  Why Obama?

Obama’s gun-hating Nazis are at it again, this time in Oklahoma.  Apparently a first grader was suspended for making a simple gun hand gesture and pretending to shoot at other students.  This is ridiculous.  They are trying to brain wash our children at an early age and make them believe that shooting guns at people is bad.  If shooting at people is so wrong, then how did we get all this freedom?  If we wouldn’t have shot the British we’d all be in England right now forced to have healthcare from doctors with terrible teeth.  This kind of non-sense at school is very bad for our children.

Now, some liberals will whine and cry and say that I am misunderstanding the story.  They claim that the child wasn’t suspended for the finger gun, but suspended because he continued to disrupt the class when the teacher told him to stop.  And the child had been disruptive in the past, so much so that his parents had to be called in to the school.  Well, so what!  It is one thing if he was being disruptive by swearing or making loud noises, but he was disruptive by shooting a fake gun.  Last time I checked, this is America, and guns are protected by the Second Amendment.  And it doesn’t say one word in there about what type of gun.  It doesn’t matter if it is a cannon,  machine gun or a finger pistol, we are all protected, that’s the beauty of freedom.  So it is against the law to stop someone from shooting a finger gun in a class room, even if he is being disruptive.

Even though it is very anti-Christian to disobey the Constitution by taking this first-grader’s rights away, the long term effect is much worse.  We are teaching our children it is bad to shoot someone.  This will change the level of respect young people have towards law enforcement.  If they think shooting people is wrong, then they will hate the police.  Next thing you know it will be like 1969 again and everyone will be throwing flowers at police officers, not washing their hair and having atheist orgies.  By telling a child not to pretend to shoot someone you are basically saying “policeman are terrible; go be a homosexual or a Communist!”

If we continue to tell children guns are bad, no one will join militias in the future.  Who is going to stop the government when they come and try to take your property away?  If our children are all pansies who are afraid of guns, they won’t be able to anything.  And even worse, what if the Chinese start invading, or the Mexicans?  How will we defend ourselves if our children are afraid of guns?

We should be teaching our children how to use guns in first grade instead of suspending them for pretending to shoot at non-Christians.  The world would be a much safer place if we started thinking about our future.


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One Response to “Child Suspended For Finger Gun! Why Obama?”

  1. Mo Rage Says:

    And you’re blaming this on President Obama and his “gun hating Nazis”? (no need for the possessive apostrophe, btw).

    And this?: “Even though it is very anti-Christian to disobey the Constitution by taking this first-grader’s rights away, the long term effect is much worse. We are teaching our children it is bad to shoot someone.”

    Uh, yeah, as a matter of fact, it IS bad to shoot someone, just so we’re clear here. It’s always bad to shoot someone. It’s just that sometimes, if it’s clear and obvious self-defense, it might be okay. Not good, but okay.

    I hope you’re either not really as paranoid as you sound in this writing or, if that’s so, that you don’t get any more paranoid.

    Look, do us–and really, yourself, too–a favor–relax. Chill. Take a deep breath. The world is not out to get you.



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