Wango Tango: Palin-Nugent 2012!

Sat, May 1, 2010

2012 Election

Wango Tango: Palin-Nugent 2012!

Ted Nugent, a man of great wisdom and influence,wrote a beautiful essay about Sarah Palin at  When I read it, I must admit, I got a little choked up.  Ms. Palin embodies America and Freedom.  It is nice to see someone as wise, well educated and relevant as Ted Nugent recognizes this.  And we should feel blessed that he took the time to write such a descriptive and detailed essay.  My two sons and I read the essay together and discussed it critically, as part of their home schooling.  I even have a printed copy on my refrigerator, right next to my picture of Jesus.

Herculean Work Ethic Means Never Be Afraid to Quit

I just want to touch on some of the high points of such a factual essay.  Ted mentions her “Herculean work ethic”.  This is something that I admire greatly about Ms. Palin.  I often preach to my children that her work ethic is one that should be emulated.  When she realized she was too good for Alaska, she quit and moved on and now she is making even more money in entertainment!  If that isn’t the American way, then I don’t know what is. I always tell my children that you should never do a job that you are too good for.  Quit and move on to something else.  There are always people from other countries below you that can do the job.  And if ever you have an opportunity to be on talk shows or any sort of television, that is a much nobler profession than a doctor, lawyer, or any career infected with rampant liberalism.  Stepping away from the governor position in Alaska before she finished her term showed that Ms. Palin has great willpower and an amazing American work ethic.

As Mr. Nugent mentions so eloquently, Ms. Palin is a rugged individualist.  This is so true and so important.  She fights the federal government and its ever growing socialist ideas.  She believed fully in redistributing the oil wealth in Alaska and giving it to the individual citizens.  Take that Socialism!  She fights the system.  She and Ted Nugent go hand in hand in this thought.  Ted always does things is own way and with heart.  When Mr. Nugent become legal guardian of a 17-year old girl so that he could continue his love making relationship with her, he showed true rugged individualism.  Love knows no age limits.  Even though the Federal Socialist Government would like to tell you that it does.  That’s taking away our freedom!  Just look at the lyrics to Ted’s beautiful song about true love knowing no legal  bounds, “Jailbait”:

‘Well I don’t care if you’re just thirteen, you look to good to be true. I just know that you’re probably clean, there’s one little think I got do to you.

Jailbait you look so good to me, jailbait won´t you set me free, jailbait you look fine, fine, fine and I know I´ve got to have you in a matter of time.

Sad but true.

So tell your mama that I’m back in town, she likes us boys when it’s time to get down.
She’s got this craving for the underage; I just might be your mamas’ brand new rage.

Honey, you, you, you look so nice. She’s young, she’s tender won’t you please surrender. She so fine, she’s mine, all the time, I woke my mind. It’s all right baby it’s quite all right I asked your mama.’

White House Front Porch - 2012

Of course the liberal scumbags out there want to criticize the amazing essay.  People like The Daily Dish whine and complain that the essay contains no factual information regarding where she stands on policy.  Are you blind!  And I quote ” she represents the good, while exposing the bad and ugly”.  That’s all you need to know.  That is where she stands on all issues!  Liberals try to confuse and complicate everything with hard facts, which no one really understands. It’s just a bunch of made up gobbledy-gook.  They try to get people all caught up in the logic.  She stands for freedom and what is right.  That’s all I need to know.  And that’s all America needs to know.  If the government focused more on worrying about being a shining beacon of light, like Jesus, and less about policy, this country would again be just like our founding fathers created it.

God bless you, Wango Tango Ted.  Palin-Nugent 2012!


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